Caring For Women throughout Their Lifetime

Primary Health Care

General Health Care

Did you know that certified nurse-midwives are experts in women’s health care services beyond pregnancy and birth? By choosing Southern Arizona Midwives (S.A.M.), you will have access to a wide range of health care services in addition to expert maternity care. Southern Arizona Midwvies provide woman-centered health care throughout the woman’s lifetime, which makes them an ideal choice as your health care provider.

Health Promotion

As your partner in health, S.A.M. will work with you to support healthy habits and prevent illness. In addition to providing typical exams for women (such as Pap tests and breast exams), S.A.M. also provides general health exams to assess your overall health. During your yearly check-up, S.A.M. will keep a record of your health history to track what’s normal for your body in terms of weight, blood pressure, lab work, and other health measures. Your midwife can identify any health care issues that may come up and suggest how to address them.

Disease Prevention

Some women are at risk for certain health problems, such as bone loss, breast cancer, heart disease, depression, or other diseases. Every woman is different. Talk to S.A.M. about your lifestyle and family health history. Certified Nurse Midwives have the education and experience to recognize common risk factors for health problems, work with you to identify ways to prevent certain diseases, and include other experts in your health care when needed.
Southern Arizona Midwives can also provide information about regular health screening, testing, and vaccines you might need. Your midwife will work with you to make informed decisions about your health throughout life.

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Taking Care of Your Health provides information to help plan your health care, including schedules for suggested health checks, tests, and shots for those who may be at average risk for most diseases.