Caring For Women throughout Their Lifetime


Very friendly and very informative and just overall great service, I highly recommend you to go and see them. – R.W.

I love the staff and everyone was super welcoming to my spirited toddlers in tow. 🙂 – B.T.

Jennifer informed me of my choices in birth control and helped me make an informed decision without pushing any particular form on me. I completely respect her because of this! Thank you! – M.F.

I had an excellent visit from start to finish. Denise was super helpful, and friendly. I loved that Jennifer really took the time to explain things. There was a genuine interest in my health and any concerns I had. I’m so glad she’s here. – N.M.

Jennifer is the most amazing person and midwife 🙂 I just gave birth to my beautiful baby girl and not only was Jen there for me for every question or concern but she encouraged me and never left my side. She empowered me to have the birth I always dreamed of and I can not thank her enough. She will always be part of our family and in my heart! – C.W.

Absolutely best decision for my prenatal care….CNM Jennifer and staff are amazing! Highly recommended! – A.M.

I just had my annual visit and had three kids in tow with me. They were extremely welcoming and friendly and I felt comfortable throughout the whole visit! I am switching to have them be my primary care. – J.I.

Me and my wife couldn’t be more happier that we chose Jen as our midwife. – J.W.

Thank you! Jennifer you are an AMAZING midwife, and there was no way we could have done it with out your guidance and expertise! This was a night and day difference from my first birth experience and I couldn’t be happier 🙂. – K.L.