Caring For Women throughout Their Lifetime

Women’s Health

Southern Arizona Midwives provides routine women’s health care, such as pelvic exams and pap tests, breast exams, prescribing medicine (such as antibiotics and birth control), and ordering tests (like screenings for sexually transmitted infections, glucose and lipid screening). S.A.M. is your partner in women’s health throughout life—from your teenage years through adulthood and beyond. CNMs do more than deliver babies. They also help women understand their choices when special concerns arise.

Midwifery Care for Teens

For teenagers, midwives provide education, support, and information through this phase of rapid growth and change. Your midwife can partner with you and your family to help you make safe, smart decisions when it comes to your body and your health. Your midwife is available to discuss the many changes that occur as you go through puberty and begin having your periods.

Midwifery Care during Menopause and Aging

Your teenage and childbearing years aren’t the only times your midwife will help you through changes in your women’s health needs. Southern Arizona Midwives are also ideal health care providers through menopause and beyond. Your midwife can help you recognize the signs of menopause and will assist you in learning how to deal with any discomforts if needed. After menopause, your midwife will continue to partner with you in your health care, helping you remain in good health as you age.

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